Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 hours of sleep makes for a happy girl.

Saturday's Stats:

Exercise Minutes: 27
Calories Burned 365

Onto today:

Wake time: 6:11am.

Bedtime from previous night: I was "in" bed by 10:20... I was trying to go to sleep by 10:40. I ended up dozing off....around after 3 am. Unfortunately, my brother decided that he really did want to do a marathon Lord of the Cringe yesterday with his girlfriend. The rec room, however, is right beside my bedroom. Do you know how loud that movie is. Everyone is always shouting. We get it. The ring must get to Mount Doom. Take it down a notch. Finally, after tossing and turning at quarter to 1am I asked them if it was possible to put the rest of the movie on hold. But the damage was already done. I was awake. It took another 2 hours for me to drift off.

(this morning i so did not close my door extra hard, or stomp around on the floor on top of his bedroom... and even if i did do that on purpose it was all in vain - that boy can sleep through anything. I know this because when I went to grab my wallet, his alarm was blasting)

Weight: Down 2 lbs. I knew that yesterday's weigh in must have been due to water weight (i.e. bloating) because there is no way I could naturally lose 2 lbs of body fat in a day. That being said, I am still up about 1.4 lbs from my weigh in a week ago.

Moving along, I had an uninspired breakfast of fibre one and a nectarine. I left extra early so that I could stop off at Tim Ho's for a grandissimo coffee. I even splurged and went with a double double. I thought the extra sugar would make me sweeter in attitude.

You may all be surprised - but it didn't work.

As soon as I got home, despite my best attempts, I crashed. I hate when I do this. I feel like I have effectively ruined my day. Now what I need to do is burn myself out for the evening so that I can fall asleep at a decent hour.

Workout Routine:

Upper Body Strength Training

Adapted from the book Body for Life, by Bill Phillips. I simply took his model, but inputted my own weights (he was doing like 40's - 80s....hahahah).

On tap for tonight:

1. Workout
2. Swim!
3. Finish Room
4. Stats of the day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 25th Plan

1. Wake up at 6 am (yuck! x a gazillion)
2. Breakfast - Fibre 1 + Fruit
3. Work 7:30 - 12:45 (double yuck x a gazillion)
4. Break - Chickpea Salad
5. Lunch - Spinach Salad with seeds + apple
6. Workout - Upper Body Strength Routine @ 2pm
7. Snack - Veggies + hummus and 1/4 cup almonds
8. Dinner - Black beans, Rice, Veggies all mixed together.
9. 10 Minute Cardio - SWIM!
10. After Dinner Snack - cookies x 2 + decaf tea
11. Bedtime - 11 pm (or whenever I zonk out, so probably closer to 6 pm)

1. Finish room

July 24th - Day Uno

Day One of my Last Chance Summer Shape Up Program...or LCSSUP (which really isn't any better).

Wake time: 7:09 - Success! I pressed the snooze button only once! (and that is quite the accomplishment for the girl who has to set 3 different times on her cell phone alarm.)

Weight: up 3.4 lbs from last weigh in (Yikes! But I'm not surprised. I did feel quite bloated this morning)

My 10 minute workout was this little beauty:

It was just enough to get me energized and a bit sweaty, without wiping me out completely. I think when I do have the time (and space in my bedroom - Bomb squad still hasn't come to clean up the mess) I will do my full workout in the morning, and save my little "10-minutes of daily cardio" for later on in the day.

I also walked the dog this morning. He looked so pitiful waiting at my parents door.

I know it is a bit too early to call, but I am enjoying this waking up early business. I had about 3 hours before having to go off to work  which was a dream. I also found that I was super productive in that time, because if I sat down for more than 5 minutes I became incredibly tired. Must keep moving!

I made a chickpea salad that should last me throughout the first part of the week:

1 can of chickpeas rinsed
1 cup carrots chopped
1/2 cup of the following chopped:
red peppers
green peppers


1/4 cup canola oil
3 tbsp red wine vinegar (or vinegar of your choice...could also add more vinegar if prefer)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp garlic powder
pepper to taste

Wonderful additions:
- sesame seeds
- feta cheese (always a must for me)
- olives
- tomatoes

Whisk dressing together and pour over peas and veg. Mix well. I find that this salad could use some extra seasoning, so after you serve it, sprinkle some extra salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.  I served mine over a cup of spinach. It was delicious at break.


By the time I got home from work, I had no desire to partake in those cut up cucumber or pepper strips I made the night before. Instead I decided to peel off all the cheese and pepperoni to last nights left over pizza. Was it really worth it? In a word - Yes..

I did input it to my calorie tracker - so tis all good.

Unfortunately my workout space also happens to be where one of our many tv's are in the house - which was currently being occupied by my brother and his girlfriend who decided to watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies. I'm not going to deny the fact that I am now considering doing the same thing despite how boring I thought they were when they were released.

So instead I decided to self-employ myself as bomb squad after-math cleaner upper and tackle the hideous mess that is my bedroom. Good news - I found a gift certificate to a hair salon. Bad news - i found tupperware from a chickpea salad made about the time of the bronze age.

I did have a bit of a nap, which I swore to myself I wouldn't do. But it was only about 30 minutes long. My naps are typically 3-hour long snooze extravaganzas. This was just long enough for me to get re-energized and make dinner.

Black bean and Sweet potato Enchiladas!

SOO good. Who says you have to give up your favourite things when you go vegetarian?  It was my first time trying them, and I will definitley be making them again. Here is the basic recipe that I used.  I didn't bother boiling the potato - just nuked it in the microwave. Make sure to serve with copious amounts of low fat sour cream!


On tap for tonight:

1. Workout (30 minutes of cardiolicious fun)
2. Finish Room
3. Facial!
4. Stats on the day.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Saturday July 24th Plan

Here is my first "Plan" for my new Last Chance Summer Shape Up program. I will update it tomorrow night to see how successful I was at sticking at it.

1. Wake up at 7 am
2. 10 minute video before work
3. Breakfast - Banana + Oatmeal (chia seeds)
4. Work 10-3
5. Break - Apple + chick pea salad
6. Before Dinner Snack - Veggies + hummus
7. Dinner - Sweet potato, black beans and spinach salad
8. Workout @ 3:30 (25 mins of Cardio)
9. After workout snack - 1/2 Clif Bar
10. Bed time - 11 pm


1. CLEAN ROOM! (bomb went off. thankfully no one was home)
2. Book Hair appointment
3. Give self Facial!

Ok.. we'll see how this works out. I'm guessing what I will struggle most with is the wakeup/bedtimes.

Last Chance Summer Shape Up!

The summer is almost gone. And I feel like I have wasted it away. Whether it be trapped indoors at my job, or just too lazy to bother to escape the air conditioned house - the summer seems to have flown by.

And with this comes the realization that I have not really focused on my diet and exercise goals. Therefore, I am doing something I haven't quite done before - setting a deadline.

Goal: To lose 5 lbs by the end of August

Plan: Track Calories and workout 6 days a week.

Start Date: July 24th, 2010 (so we can ignore those 4 slices of pizza I ate in 4 minutes tonight. It isn't July 24th yet).

Time Span: 38 glorious days


1. Weigh in everyday.

- studies have shown that those who weigh in on a consistent basis are more likely to maintain and keep weight off than those who don't. I am not going to weigh myself everyday for the rest of my life, but for the purposes of this program, I think it will be a good motivator.

2. Go to Bed at the same time/get up at the same time everyday.

- this will be perhaps one of the greatest mini-challenges. I am a night owl. I can easily be up till 4 am and not even bat an eye. This however, kicks me in the butt when I have to work at 7:30 in the morning. Instead, I plan on going to bed early, rising early - and if necessary napping during the day before work so that I can last through any evening shifts I may get.

3. Track calories @ sparkpeople

- i have faltered on this aspect of my healthy lifestyle. It is so important to me to track my calories - however, it is tedious work.

4. Strength Training and Aerobics on opposite days

- to actually maintain and be consistent with my exercise routine, I have to figure out what works for me. Circuit training did not work for me. It was too intense. I simply did not want to do it. Therefore, while it was an effective exercise program - it didn't work out too well when I would choose the hagen daaz over Jillian Michaels. Separating my strength and aerobics may be not as effective in burning calories - but it is far more manageable.

5. Do one 10-minute video or cardio activity every day.

6. Make weekly/daily plans for foods to eat, errands to run, chores to do etc.

7. BLOG! (to keep me accountable of course... not to procrastinate on other, more pressing matters).

Hopefully these 7 strategies will help me lose those 5 lbs. And then I can start it all over again... 3 more times before I get to my end-goal weight!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pushing the Reset Button

I've applied to the Starting Over House circa 2003.

haha. I kid, I kid. They denied my application.

But in all seriousness - I am starting over on the diet-leg of my "healthy lifestyle journey".  Since my last post, where I was all excited about how far i've come blah, blah, blah - I have become very complacent with my current status.

Complacency can kill any diet/exercise program. As it did with me. It started with something simple - like not tracking my calories eaten everyday. Then I started to make less than stellar food choices. But I compensated for maintaining a consistent exercise routine. Without consistent efforts in all areas however, my motivation and steam ran low. Beyond low - it was non-existent.

Unfortunately this bad attitude crept its way into my life. As I write this though - doesn't this make sense? My diet and exercise isn't something that is separate from my life. It is all part and parcel of who I am.

For the last few weeks I have been perma-mad and resentful. Those who know me, know I am a very controlled person -who can be just an itsy bit neurotic. With my diet and exercise program falling through the cracks, it felt like the poop had hit the fan. And the mess was disgusting - as I assume it would be if that situation had actually happened.

And poop is a good place to start - as it usually is. Eating loads of crap (chips ALL of the time) made for a very unhappy stomach.  And it paid me back big time.

This was at least tolerable. I was able to still maintain a good workout routine. However, that quickly ended. Without fueling my body with good, energy packed food my workouts starting to be listless. My energy level fell to the depths of despair. The depths. of. despair.

Over dramatic? Hells no!

I need to get worked up about something - it might as well be this!  Admittedly, I didn't do horribly. I still managed to lose weight - but I feel like that was dehydration. Because surprise, surprise - my water intake dwindled as well. My body, used to getting in water in Lake Ontario quantity (but not quality), was feeling dehydrated - hungoverish.

Needless to say, I have to change. For the sake of me, my relationships and my body - I need to push the reset button.
So here is my game plan:

1. I have started a brand-spanking new account on SparkPeople. Maybe this isn't necessary - but I will restart all the initial diet stages that I clearly haven't developed or maintained as well as I had hoped.

2. Create a list of foods that I must ALWAYS have in the house. This will keep me from straying away and towards those less than desirable but oh so yummy foods.

3. Create an exercise workout plan. A plan that I can stick to, but one of which I will see results with. I will focus on cardio and strength training...but more importantly mixing it up.

4. Scheduling in the exercise. This is imperative. It is one thing to say that I will come up with an exercise plan - but to actually do it? That's a whole other kettle of fish (that saying is right up there with the "poop hitting fan" remark).

There we go. Easy peasy.

I mean writing the list. The actual implementation is going to be as tough as steel. Abs of steel that is.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tears...over a pant size? Get over yourself.

for a good reason!

While bathing suit shopping (yikes!), I just wanted to try on a pair of pants to see if i had gone down a size.

I knew what the risks were. If i couldn't fit into the pants I would be heartbroken. But i figured at 15 lbs lost, that should be about one pant size - so I might as well try.....

and they fit!!!

It was the weirdest feeling. I haven't been a size 10 since I was 15, and that was 8 years ago. I was just in shock. Utter, utter shock... and if the pants hadn't been so gosh darn ugly I would have bought them as a memento.

The real reason why I had to go shopping was for a bathing suit (I've been avoiding clothing stores at all costs since starting this weight loss journey for 2 reasons: a. I don't want to buy clothes when I am in between sizes and 2. I simply don't have the money, or rather I am reallocating it to trying out new healthy (yet expensive) superfoods).

I was in desperate need of a new swim suit. The elastic in my old one was completely gone (when I accidentally flashed a lifeguard while swimming is when I realized I needed to get a new one).

I decided to go to a store that sells cheap, but good quality clothes (for us Canadians I went to the Real Canadian Superstore). There swimsuit selection was AWESOME!

I started out with my typical one piece...tried a few on. They were cute on the hanger, but when I tried them on, they made me look squat and lumpy. And while I realize that this is the combination that most girls go for - i wasn't impressed...and a little dismayed. I mean if a one piece doesn't look good on me - there is no way a two piece will.

But my friend was working that night, and suggested that I try on a few two piece swimsuits. I tried on some tankinis - they had the same effect, kind of hugged me in all the wrong places. And as we all know, misplaced hugs are quite unfortunate. But I couldn't dare try on a midriff baring two piece, could I?

Well I did! And I am very proud, and somewhat shocked by the results:

Ok. So I'm not super skinny. And I carry around a pair of thunder thighs as if they were a coveted possession. But nonetheless - I liked the way that I looked. I think for only those of us who have been struggling with our body weight, and our self image can understand how foreign of a concept that can be. To actually like yourself, half naked...bizarre.

On the drive home, I welled up in tears. I couldn't believe how emotional this was for me. I haven't just lost 15 lbs. It's more than that. I have lost a shell of shame and guilt too. There are a few more shells under that one, but at least this new bikini is helping me to expose them to the world (or just my boyfriend and any peeping neighbours).