Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi bloggies!
I’m Kaleigh. Over the last few months I have embarked in a quest to not only lose weight, but to begin a healthier lifestyle.
A bit of background, and my inspiration:
Back in September ’09 I caught the now almost-forgotten H1N1. Remember that? The flu that terrorized the entirety of the world. Considered an illness of pandemic proportions. Well. I caught it. Not only did I get the flu, but I got the flu for 7 weeks.  Finally after doctor prescribed sleep I started to feel better. This feeling of wellness was fleeting. I ended up catching anything people had to offer. Colds, fevers, sinus infections, migraine (on christmas day! Boo-urns) is just a small sampling of what I suffered through.
Furthermore, coupled with my lack of energy and general malaise, I started to rely on fast food to make me just feel good. It didn’t last long. Around February ’10 I noticed that A. I was still feeling sick and B. I was 10 lbs heavier. Something had to change.
That’s when I reintroduced myself to the wonders of Spark (more to come in a subsequent blog). is a diet/weight loss/healthy lifestyle site which offers the tools and motivation necessary to not only lose weight but to get healthy. Oh. Did I mention it was free?
So now, 3 months into my “diet”, I am still struggling with making consistently good, healthy choices.

This blog is more than just a writing tool, but rather it will be a tool for sustainability. It will keep me accountable and that's what counts.

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