Sunday, May 16, 2010

Low Fuss Almond Milk

If you are interested in going from vegetarian to vegan, or like me, are just interested in lowering the amount of dairy consumed each day, a Nut Milk may be for you.

My choice is Almond milk, however any Nut could do (walnut milk sounds interesting). Technically, I make an almond juice...but that doesn't sound nearly as appealing.

Click here for an instructional video on making your own nut milk.

With regards to this video, here are the changes that I made:

1. A vitamix is not necessary. The Vitamix Blender is the Cadillac of blendering world. It is my dream to one day own one. But at $500, that dream won't be coming true soon.

2. I didn't use a Nut Milk bag. Instead I used a mesh strainer, and placed a cheese cloth over it. I would pour little amounts of the liquid into it at a time, then would pull up the edges of the cheese cloth and gently squeeze. Put the excess pulp aside. Once all done, rinse out the strainer, and pour the milk through it again to make extra sure all almond bits are gone.

3. I put 1 tbsp of honey, plus 1 tsp of vanilla extract into the milk. After rinsing out the blender (ensuring that all almond bits are gone) I put the milk back in, sweeten it with the above and blend. Adding the honey doesn't make it vegan anymore, so if you want to stay on that track try just the vanilla, or dates or even agave.

4. Save that pulp!! Recipe to come with what to do with it!

My Almond Milk! I use it in my smoothies and cereal.

You could always buy Almond Breeze - an almond "beverage". It is definitely less hassel than making almond milk, however, if you are trying to get away from preservatives as I am - making your own eliminates any unwanted additives.

Many may ask: Why not just choose Soy milk? My answer is kind of a buyer beware... When you purchase soy milk at your grocery store, chances are you are purchasing "Soy Beverage". Just like Almond "beverages" this is NOT the same as "milk". These drinks are usually heavily processed with many additives and preservatives. I will always choose it over Cow's milk (except in my coffee at Tims!), but in reality it is worth cutting back on the "beverages".

Here is the nutritional information:

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