Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty Pretty Please? With a fresh, organic cherry on top?

What surprises me most of vegan/raw diets is how much they rely on gadgets and appliances. I suppose it makes sense, i mean conventional methods of cooking go against their philosophies. For some reason, when I think of vegan and raw diets (and I know that these are two separate eating lifestyles, just because you are one, doesn't mean you are the other), I think of those who are soul of the earth, hemp-wearing, dreadlocked individuals. I suppose I envision hippie Amish people. I realize that this is completely false, and in fact, vegans and raw dieters must be more inventive and creative.

Here are a list of tools, gadgets and appliances that I wished I could get...or rather here's my christmas list 7 months in advance:

(all these items are found at a large raw, health food supplier for Canada)

1. A spiralizer

Spiralizers are these nifty tools (and inexpensive - this particular model is only $30). They take vegetables and fruit (must be a firm variety) and creates thin like noodles or slices of it. Raw dieters enjoy this because it allows them to create a pasta of likes. Now you can enjoy some of your favourite pasta dishes "raw". While this may not seem tempting to others, I think that this is a cool gadget that will make me more inspired to get in my daily servings of veggies and fruit.

2. Dehydrator

Now, I have a dehydrator. I have a 90's Ron "I spray paint my bald spot" Popeil dehydrator. They have seriously improved since then.  The new styles of dehydrators are sleeker and more compact. They also allow for more types of dehydrating as you can purchase teflon sheets to make things like crackers and fruit leather.  This is mainstay for most raw eaters because it allows them to recreate many of the favourite treats without adding any denaturing, harmful heat.  This is the apartment sized model, and it runs about $150 - $200.

3. A citrus Juicer

Now, I know that I don't need a $60 citrus juicer. There are ones you can buy at the dollar store. I get this. But this is my wishlist, and wish lists are supposed to be extravagant. I'm not much for juicing. In fact when I started trying to lose weight, I pretty much ruled out drinking juice. I didn't want to waste my precious calories on it. The other issue with juicing (for weight loss) is that it removes all the fibre. You are better off eating the orange, and forcing your body to process the fibre (thereby making you feel fuller, longer) than drinking the equivalent calories in juice. That being said, lemons are particularly good for digestion, and I'm not going to be eating any lemon wedges any time soon. I love adding fresh squeezed lemon juice to my club soda, or regular water. It makes it a lot easier to get in those 8 glasses a day. I hate however, having gross seeds or pulp floating around. There is something unnatural about having solids floating around in your liquid.

And Finally....

4. Vitamix Blender!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Vitamix Blender was the Cadillac of all blenders.  It is one of those items that you will leave in your will to that lucky someone. If you want the perfect smoothie, soup, or ground grains, this is for you. However, if you don't want amounts to a small country's GDP ($500) on an appliance, maybe you should consider something else. I feel like if you were to use your blender everyday, and actually keep it out on the counter than it would be justifiable to make the purchase. I'm not quite at that level yet, but I certainly would be if the blender gods granted me this one wish.

There are many other products that I want to get, but these are my top four. Part of what keeps my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey fresh and new is getting fun products and gadgets. I am more inspired to make a great dinner if I have a fun plate to serve it on, or an item like the spiralizer to make some zucchini angel hair pasta.

I am one pound away from my 15 lb goal. The reward for this weight loss is a $25 shopping spree to I will definitely post pictures of what I decided to buy (which believe it or not, $25 can go a long way there).

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